Dog Training Services

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Professional Consulting - $250.00/hour

Stonnie is happy to provide advice concerning dog training strategy and technique selection, problem solving, and other matters related to dog acquisition and behavior management. Click on the Professional Consulting tab and we will arrange a time for Stonnie to see you at our facility, give you a call, or begin an email correspondence.

Online Coaching - Puppy Basic Obedience and Agility (also available with personalized instruction at our facility)

This is the perfect course for owners who are looking to become competent amateur dog trainers, but lack access to a training facility that provides professional instruction.  This program breaks puppy training down into a series of exercises that are straight forward and easy to follow. By breaking the training strategies and techniques down into simple elements, even complete novices can master the fundamentals of proper dog training in just a few weeks!

Stonnie provides detailed video instruction and journal feedback to help owners raise awesome family dogs that are calm, attentive and polite.

Each week Stonnie reviews client journal entries and performance videos, providing detailed feedback and technical support as needed.

At the end of this process, owners will have mastered the skills required to help their puppy mature into a happy, healthy, well socialized, canine companion.

Click on the Puppy Basic Obedience and Agility Program tab for more information!

In Kennel Basic Obedience and Agility Packages (21-28 Days)- $2500

Many owners understand that developing the best possible socialization and obedience training foundation requires more time and effort than their schedule allows.  Stonnie has a saying, "Life has a tendency to get in the way of good dog training...” For owners who want the absolute best for their dogs, but find themselves pressed for time, In Kennel Basic Obedience is our go to option!  Dogs stay at our facility, allowing our staff to get the intensive repetition required to build the attention span and understanding required to make sure one's dog has the tools to be a good canine citizen!  

During the boarding stay, owners are encouraged to spend at least two sessions working with our staff to make sure that the people training is progressing in a manner consistent with the "dog" training.  The package also comes with six maintenance training sessions, plus access to our private video library and journal review.

*Our technical support program is unsurpassed. We stand behind our work 100% and our commitment to maintenance training is our most valuable tool in helping to ensure a smooth and successful transition back into the home environment.

*For dogs six months and older we have a remedial version of this program - $3,000

Gentleman's Retriever Training - $2,500 - 3250.00

This program is designed to set the stage for young retriever puppies to mature into well mannered, polite, family dogs that also have the skills necessary to put in a solid performance in the hunting field. This program covers all of the material in our Basic Obedience and Agility package plus and introduction to gunfire, feathers, water, blinds, boats, and atvs.

Specialty Training - Individualized Pricing